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  • Air Fares and ticketing II
  • Geography in travel planning II
  • Law and Regulations I
  • Pricing complex itineraries
  • Tour Packages II
  • Exchange electronic tickets
  • Water Transport – Cruise and Private Charters
  • Land Transport – Bus and Coach
  • Land Transport - Rail II
  • Accommodation
  • Selling Skills
Course Requirements
  • Minimum O-level Mean Grade is C- (Minus) or equivalent
  • IATA Travel and Tourism Course – Foundation Level Diploma
  • Age: 18 years of age
  • 6 months. N/B: Inclusive of attachment at any of the KQ sales offices countrywide for all students.
  • Application Fee. KES 2,000.00
  • Tuition Fee USD 1,500.00, Exam Fee (USD) 597.00