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  • FLY OUR BOEING 737-8
    • Experience the thrill of flying a jet aircraft without leaving the ground right here in Nairobi at our Boeing 737-8 Simulator. You will be joined at the controls by our pilot instructors in this state-of-the-art pilot training simulator.
    • The Boeing 737-8 Simulator is as real as it gets! It is used for training Kenya Airways Pilots as well as other airline pilots across Africa.
    • Experience what it means to fly a big jet!
    • For 30 minutes you will get to experience take-off and landing, weather conditions, and if you like, you can enjoy a go-around from any of the airports you choose to fly in the options given.
    • You are welcome to bring along a guest to sit in the Jump-seat.
    • Pre-Flight Briefing with our own KO Pilot instructors
    • A Full 30 Minutes session
    • Choose your airport, weather conditions, and time of day
    • Immerse yourself with take-off, flight, and landing or go around.
    • Choose a companion to sit in the jump seat
    • Photo opportunities and bragging rights to all your friends our tag #KOSimX
    Our Offering
    • KO SIMX- Full Motion (This will replicate the entire experience from turbulence, bad weather, etc.)  
    • KES 20,737.00

    • To book your slot, go to  Simulator Experience | Online Bookings (
    • Available dates in December 2021 - 23 , 30 & 21 from 0800 to 1700 hrs. 
    • Once a booking has been made, payment notification will be sent via email & SMS via our online payment platform (VISA & Mobile Money Accepted).
    • Please note failure to make payments within the stipulated timelines will lead to the cancellation of your booking. 
    • The simulator is at The Kenya Airways Pride Centre in Embakasi and it is advisable to arrive at least 30 mins to your slot time to enable briefing and familiarization.
    Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions 
    We Look Forward To Seeing You!