Jeppesen's Flight Dispatcher Course - FOM 2 


This course will set the fundamentals on how to prepare and manage the flight plan, check the weather forecast, wind direction, calculate the required fuel quantity, aircraft technical condition, staff requirements and many aspects to successfully and efficiently handle the responsibilities of becoming a flight dispatcher with knowledge of regulations governing the position. 


6 Weeks . Class timings Monday to Friday 0800-1700 hrs, unless othewise specificed

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Metrology
  • Aeromedical Factors
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Weight and Balance
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Navigation
  • FAA Regulations
  • Dispatch Resource Management

Course Eligibility Requirements

This course is suitable for personnel at the basic level.

Please note that English proficiency is required.  ICAO Rating Scale of Operational Level 4 or higher

Training Language


What You Receive

On successful completion of the program and passing all the required exams, the student will be awarded a certificate of graduation. This certificate will pre-qualify students to sit for the FAA examination in order to obtain an FAA license. 

You will also receive a comprehensive package of course notes, reference materials, test prep software and books, aeronautical charts, chart training materials, a manual flight planning computer and a Jeppesen flight bag organizer

FAA Certificate/License Requirements (Optional)

For individuals aspiring to obtain their FAA certificate/license on successful completion of this course, will be required to attend two weeks in Denver.

The abovementioned fees are exclusive of any training related travel expenses/costs of any of Customer’s students (airfare, hotel and meal expense coverage). Customer is responsible for all such training related travel expenses

Upcoming Schedule

25th Mar to 3rd May 2024

17th June to 26th July 2024

28th October to 6th December 2024

Course Fees

USD 5,395.00 . Complete fee payment before course commencement.  

Training Location

KQ Pride Training Centre - Nairobi Kenya 

Course Brochure 

Click here to access the course brochure 


For more information on the Jeppesen Training Program , please Click Here 

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